Smile for real.

Welcome to Yaillen Orthodontic Group and North Portland Orthodontics (1 awesome team, 2 names, 2 locations). We’re definitely not your typical orthodontic practice. Which makes sense, because you’re not typical either. You are who you are, and we encourage you to embrace that. No matter how straight your teeth are, your smile is still the most real reflection of you there is. You might feel like your teeth are a tiny bit crooked or you might feel like they’re totally bejangled, but no matter what, we want to help the real you shine through. Let our expert team help you smile for real.


One of our 5 core values is BE BETTER. We encourage feedback (good or bad), so we can keep in tune with improvements we need to make. We are here for YOU.

Real life.

Show us what makes you smile for real. On Instagram, use the hashtag #smile4real and share the things that give you a good reason to smile. And, check out what’s happening at our office on Facebook.

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